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  • How long does the DJ service last for?
    DJ service starts at 3 hours (120 minutes). $100 for each additional hour after if/when availability and time permits. Set up takes place one hour prior to and one hour after the event. Example: Event time starts at 7 PM Arrival/Setup: 6-7 PM Event: 7-10 PM Breakdown/Departure: 10-11 PM
  • What types of events is the DJ service avaible for?
    We offer DJ service for many occasions events to include birthdays, graduation, school dances, weddings, reunions, pool parites and communty events.
  • How long does 360 Photo Booth Service last for?
    Service starts at 2 hour duration. Additional time may be requested if time permits.
  • What all is included in 360 Photo Booth Service?
    • Full-Time Attendant • Five-point lighting system • Four-point colored up lighting • Sharing from the booth via email, text, or QR scan • Electronic copy of all images via an online photo gallery • Stanchions and red velvet ropes
  • How long are Tent, Tables and Chairs rentals for?"
    Tent, Tables and Chair rentals for up to 8 (eight hours).
  • What all does the concession machines service consist of?
    All Concession Machine service (ie popcorn, cotton cand and sno-cone) comes with supplies to serve up to 20 guest. Additional supplies are available upon request.
  • Is there a minimum deposit requires to reserve the concession machines?
    Yes. All deposits will be applied towards the remaining balance.
  • How long does the Movie Screen rentals last for?
    Movie Screen rentals start at 2 1/2 hours (150 minutes). $50 fee for each additional hour if/when availability permits.
  • Who is responsible for setting up and breakdown the equipment?
    A G.I. Party staff member will be on site to set up and break down all equipment before and after the event.
  • Who is responsible for providing the media (i.e. movie discs, internet streaming, etc)?"
  • Is there a minimum deposit required to reserve the movie screen packages?
    Yes. All deposits will be applied towards the remaining balance.
  • What areas and distance does your company provide service to?
    Our primary service areas include but are not limted to Savannah, Pooler, Richmond Hill, Hinesville/Ft. Stewart, Statesboro and other areas throughout the Southeast, GA. Click to the link below or the tab on the home page for more details regarding service & delivery areas.
  • Cancellation Policy
    * All cancellations must be requested no later than 48 hours prior to reservation date/time. * All deposits are deemed NON-REFUNDABLE unless otherwise approved by management. Refunds may be authorized due to inclement weather forecast 24 hours prior to scheduled event. * NO deposits and/or pre-paid balances will be refunded on the day of scheduled event, no exceptions. *Deposits may not be refunded if or when customer decide to cancel within 48 hour prior to appointment OR reschedules on a later date/time that may conflict with other reservations. * In the event of cancellation due to inclement weather (i.e. rain, lighting, high winds, etc.) for outdoor services, the customer will be given the option to reschedule within 90 days of the original reservation/appointment date.
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