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Above and beyond excellence!

"TJ the DJ  was so helpful throughout the entire planning process, even helping me think of stuff I hadn't thought of or that needed to be done. His music choices were perfect and just what I had been thinking of and more. He was flexible even when plans went awry or just out of order, and rolled with the two extra speeches that were not initially planned. Everyone afterward told me they had a fantastic time and the dance floor was practically overflowing the whole time it was open! The music was great and family friendly (I have a LOT of younger cousins) and everyone just had so much fun. I would definitely recommend DJ Dixon for any wedding or venue!!! Thank you G.I. Party Entertainment!!"


Alicia W.


Highly recommend!


Super responsive. The crowed loved the DJ

TJ was very responsive, handled requests well, and was the life of the party. The reception was a blast because of him. He was very accommodating with schedule as well! Thank You so much!"

Emily P.

Hands down amazing! 

"Absolutely amazing job with playing the music to the people going down the isle. He was very patient, easy to work with, and ensured that my order down and all the songs we wanted play, to be played."

Stephanie H.

Great Experience!

"At the last minute we decided to add a DJ to our reception and TJ just so happened to have had a cancellation a week prior and was able to cover for us. With so little time to prepare and discuss he nailed it for us! He kept the party going and we couldn't have asked for more!"

Damon G.

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